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Trouble Installing MAC OSX Client

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I am running Windows Retrospect 6 Multi-server.


I've had with two macintoshs' running 10.2 for which I've attempted to install Retrospect client 5.0.536. Using the CD I begin the installation by

double-clicking the installer. The install begins and then just hangs forever, never gets to the point to request the Retrospect password. After a force

quit and reboot, the Macintosh booted to the login screen for which the only account listed was Other (unfortunately the root was not enabled on this

system and the only account had been the users' account which was now trashed.)


The second install was much like the first except I had the foresight to enable the root and create and additional user account. The same

situation happened again, but this time I was able to get into the original users account by logging in as root and resetting the password.


In both instances Retrospect never did complete installation. Any ideas???????????

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