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Installing Retrospect 5.0 problems

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I am having a problem running Retrospect after what I thought was a successful install.




My system consists of 2 hard drives. Untill today, I have had a copy of Retrospect 4.3 in, let's say, DRIVE A. Drive A also contains OS 9.0.4. While this was my boot drive, everything was great.




NOW my boot drive is DRIVE B and it has OS X 2.2 (Jaguar). Since 4.3 won't run on OS X, I upgraded to 5.0. During the upgrade process it asked if I wanted to transfer my configurations and I answered "yes". When I ran Retrospect 5.0 (under OS X with Classic not running) I checked and saw all my configurations were transferred. However, when I checked to confirm the script and/or ran the script, each time I was told that :








not ready: Can't access volume Jack's HD, error-53 (volume off-line)




Is there something that I have overlooked??




The Retrospect version running in OS X 2.2 is 5.0.201. Is there an update that I need?




Thanks for your help.





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In reply to:

not ready: Can't access volume Jack's HD, error-53 (volume off-line)




Go to Automate > Scripts and edit your script.


Click on Sources


Remove Jack's HD


Add the correct hard drive


Close the window


Save changes to your script




If Jack's HD changed in any way, Retrospect may no longer see it as the same volume, hence the error message.

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