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Error -530, Client will not stay active

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I know similar problems have been addressed, but I cannot get my OS X clients to stay active for back up. Error -530 during backup execution. I have checked everything addressed in the knowledgebase and forums.




IP address is fine


ready displays in client


Ethernet is active and on top of list


pitond is running


computer does not use classic


the server works with every other client (os 9, win) flawlessly




I have noticed that if use the OS X computer, browse the internet, etc. the client will be active for a short amount of time before it losses its connection.




I am using client 5.0.540.




Any ideas?



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Are you saying that in the middle of an actual backup, you see an error 530 generated in the log? What other errors do you see for this client machine?




Try a crossover cable directly between the server and the client. Run a backup - does the problem go away?




Or are you saying that the client turns itself off before the backup even starts? If the client is turning itself off:




Open the Retrospect Client


Hold down the Command (Apple) key


Click the client to Off


Run the client installer on this machine again





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