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StorageSet size limit

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I am currently using Retrospect 4.0 on a PowerMac G3 server to back up our office of about 11 computers plus fileservers. The back-up has been running in a three set rotation for around four years. Now I am getting a message stating the the StorageSets have reached their size limit.




Can't add that much data to StorageSet


Limited to 1000.0 G total


7/16/02 8:22:23 PM: Execution incomplete


Remaining: 89 files, 1.7 GB


Completed: 0 files, zero KB


Performance: 0.0 MB/minute


Duration: 00:01:46 (00:01:46 idle/loading/preparing)




Is there a way to change the limit? Does version 5 have the same limit? Do I have to start over with three new StorageSets? If I do need all new StorageSets, is there a recommended way create them since I basically want to continue with the same StorageSets? Aaaaarrrg. i really don't want to start over and have six sets of tapes to keep track of.




Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Retrospect 5.0 has the same limitation of 1000 gig per backup set, and there is no way to increase the limitation. We are looking into lifting this limitation in a future release. Our next Windows release, 6.0 due out later this summer, will not have this limitation.




At this point, you would need to either start new backup sets, or recyle the sets you are currently using. In Version 4.0, this was known as a full backup - which will reset the backup set, erase the tapes and start over.



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