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Where should Retro Reside

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I recently installed Retrospect v5.0238) on my Powerbook. I installed it into the "Applications" folder while booted under OSX 10.15.






AFTER launching retrospect and going to its help menu, I noticed it reccomended installing Retro while booted under 9. (Is this just so that the OS9's extensions are installed?)




Since an earlier attempt at doing a duplicate (to a subvolume on an external Hd) had gone miserably. (See details below). I decided to install Retro on the External via OS 9.




This time it reccomended that I install it in "Application (Mac OS9) Folder". Is there some reason that's preferable to OS X's "Applications" folder?




If not, can I move it now? Further, Is it OK to move it to a sub-folder in the "Applications" folder? Does it matter at all where it is? Is there any problem with always running it from an external drive? Does it matter at all where its installed?




thanks in advance,








**Problem with duplicate: (this is posted


I tried running a dup to a subvolume on an external HD. Numerous times during the back-up (like every 10 minutes) Retro came to a halt changing the "Pause" button to "Continue" requiring me to sit there throughout the endless process.


At one point, I thought something might be wrong in my Energy Saver -- and double checked them: as I'd intended both "Put system to sleep" AND Hard drive sleep were set to Never. Retro was set to run Unattended.


Nothing was set to pause at errors. What could be wrong?

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In order to properly backup and duplicate files in OS X, the application must be installed in, and run in, OS X. Retrospect is not supported in OS 9 classic mode.




You can install Retrospect on OS 9, but it will not be able to fully backup your OS X system - no permissions or hard links are backed up, among other things.

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