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Retrospect Express on 10.2.1 on beige G3

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I’ve installed Retrospect Express 5.0 on a beige G3 (upgraded with a G4/500) running 10.2.1 Jaguar.




It recognizes my internal CD-RW but not the external SCSI Iomega Zip or external FireWire hard disk. All these devices are correctly identified by the Apple System Profiler and all file operations work with them under the Finder. But the Finder does not display the Zip drive until a disk is inserted.




The FireWire disk was UFS formatted. I erased and reformatted it as Mac OS Extended, but the disk still was not recognized by Retrospect Express. The disk drive is Oxford…




Suggestions please. Thanks for your help.




--Don Fuller





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Retrospect will recognize any hard drive that is locally mounted on your desktop - if the system can see the drive, Retrospect will see it. Please keep in mind that Retrospect should never see your hard drive in Configure > Devices. This window is reserved for media devices such as CD devices, Zip, DVD-RAM, etc. A hard drive that shows up in this window is being viewed by the OS as a removable disk.




When you create your file backup set, choose the external hard drive as your save location.




Retrospect will not see a Zip drive unless there is media inserted - the Finder works essentially the same way in that the drive isn't seen until mountable media is available. What SCSI card are you using? Dantz does not support any on-board SCSI adapters in OS X. For the complete statement, please see:





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