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hung building snapshot...


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i just bought and installed a seagate tapestor travan portable usb 20 gb stt6201u with the included retrospect express backup (seagate express) v5.6.132 on windows xp professional. i downloaded the new 3.0 drivers from the dantz website.




this dual p3 1.13ghz 640mram workstation is used at home for asp.net development. iis was installed with the defaults and only serves a few text book example pages locally to itself.




there are no other usb devices.




every morning (10am) after retrospect express runs its unattended incremental backups at 2 am, i find retrospect express hung at the same place. the backup dialog states "building snapshot..." and the file specified is "iis metabase". is anyone familiar with this problem?








-stan barrack.





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i tracked the issue to the zone alarm firewall software. my zone alarm prevents many system level operations like windows update (downloads fine, but prevents install), displaying of file properties, and now building the iis snapshot. thanks for the reply.

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