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Retrospect Express spontaneously deletes backup volume...WTF?


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I am using Retrospect Express to back up a hard drive on my Windows XP system to an external hard drive connected via USB. All of the data is in a single large directory tree containing about 160 GB of MP3 music (all legal, FWIW - mostly live recordings).


I have been using a Duplicate operation to synchronize the directories on the primary drive and external drive based on updates. I captured the Duplicate command in a script file, which is linked to by an icon on the WinXP desktop, so I just have to click the icon to launch a backup. Normally, the Duplicate operation simply checks to see which files have been added to the primary directory since the last backup, and then copies just those files to the backup directory on the external hard drive.


When I ran the script today, all of a sudden, Retrospect Express decided to DELETE the entire backup directory, and started another copy from scratch. Now it is copying the ENTIRE 160 GB directory to the external hard drive. I have a slow USB port on this machine, which means this copy is going to take 2-3 days to complete, during which time I have to leave my system turned on!!!


It did not prompt me to ask whether it should delete the directory, which is pretty risky, since my primary data is now unprotected while Retrospect Express laboriously recreates a whole new copy. I checked the Log, and there was one line saying "Retrospect Driver Update, version 3.6.104", which doesn't make much sense, since it appears that update was released 5 years ago (and I have successfully done duplications many times since then).


What on earth would have caused Retrospect Express to delete the backup directory, and start an entire new copy???

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