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Skipping the weekends on daily back-up

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We do a daily back-up to an Even-Day Disk and an Odd-Day Disk. Is there a way to skip the weekends without having to do a detailed day by day per month schedule? Right now, our script has two entries, one for even days doing every other day, same for odd days.


Having the ability to skip weekends makes sense to me, but not obvious how to pull it off.


Any suggestions?


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I could never figure out a way to do it, so we just have a six-day schedule. And it has turned out to be reasonable, because people often work on Saturday. We just omit Sunday (well, actually, we still back up our mail store every day of the week - we have a separate script that does the mail store backup because you have to shut down the mail service, make a copy of the mail store, restart the mail service, then fire up Retrospect to roll the backed-up mail store to tape in the background, with mail services back on; cyrus has a fit and ends up with a corrupt mail store if you restore from a mail store backup made while mail services were running).



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I just posted a question in this forum asking a similar question but I had a similar need:


What I did was have each external disk I'm backing up to have the same volume name and the same backup sets on the disk: Desktops, Laptops, and Servers.


I'm assuming that when I swap out the drives, it will keep each disk up to date individually, as it's looking at the catalog file on the disk and comparing it to the current snapshot. So every Monday, there will be a week's worth to back up, but then only a day's worth during the rest of the week.


So, even though I perform my offsite swaps weekly, the theory should work for your daily swaps.



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