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Stopped backing up 1 client after 1 am Sunday morning.

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Retrospect version 6.1.126

Clients 6.1.130

Computer hosting Retrospect (my computer) is running OS 10.3.9. Have client on same computer. The server backs up about 15 computers almost every nite. Sat nite it backed up correctly. Sunday nite it did everything it was supposed to do except to my computer (remember this is the computer that Retrospect is running on). It decided that the client was no longer visible on the network (error -1028). I tried reinstalling client and reconfiguring but no matter what I do, Retrospect cannot see the client. I even tried to get the client computer to log in to Retrospect on a different computer. For some reason the client on this computer has dropped out of sight, and I can't figure out how to bring it back.


Any sugetions will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

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remember this is the computer that Retrospect is running on



Retrospect (the application) does not support connecting to Retrospect Client software running on the same machine.


And why should it? Retrospect has read/write access to every file on the machine; the client software is unnecessary to do successful local backups.



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