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Crucial files/folders to backup incremently ...

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I do an unattended backup every night with this general plan in mind:


• an incremental backups of all crucial files/folders (to my 2.5" portable external hard drive and/or to my iDisk space on DOTMAC); in fact I have 2 of these and I reinitialized one every 2 months so I always have at least 2 months of incremental backup);


• a full duplication of all my computer's hard drive


The incremental has to be executed fast on the fly (maximum of ±5 minutes) when I leave. It takes up initially 4GB to a maximum of 16GB (4x the original when at maturity after 120 days of backup). An incremental backup of all my hard drive would be too long and require to much space.


I wonder if there is a list of all the crucial files/folders that I should incremently backup (other than all my personnal application files, my bookmarks, my iCal files, my AddressBook, my Documents folder, my iWeb's Domain file, my Home/Library/Preferences folder... and now my Retrospect prefs) ?


It should be important for many of us to point them out.


Thanks for reading.





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