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Clinet issues with NT4


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I am having an issue trying to get a client to function correctly on 2 different NT 4 servers with dual nics and about 200 IP addresses.




The client will start fine if I allow it to bing itself to the default, however, the server will not recognize it (error -530) on the secondary interface. So, I bound it to the san 172.16.1.x address, which is valid on the second nic. When I started the client again, it tells me "Client networking not available, or service not started."




I checked the IP several time, and I have verified the functionality of the NIC. The service, as NT reports it, is running, but the client can not tell. I have tried everything from reinstalls to reboots. The client works in this manor on other servers, but this one is just being grouchy.




Any ideas?

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