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Assertion Failure cin.cpp-85 in Retrospect Express HD ver 2.0.214


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Since early August I have been doing nightly auto backups of my C: D: and E: internal drives to a larger F: internal drive. My PC runs XP Pro SP2 with all the latest patches, etc.


When I go back and check the Restore log, beginning on October 9th, my daily auto backup started to skip C: drive (with no log error but a red triangle in the Restore listing for drive C:), but it still did the backup of D: and E:


When I happened to be on the PC at the time the Auto backup was running, a window with "Retrospect encountered a serious error: Assertion failure at "cin.cpp-85"" would display.


I've been trying to figure out what might've caused the initial hiccup on October 9th. The only thing I can imagine is my wife might have unknowingly put the PC into sleep/hibernate in the middle of a nightly backup.


I cannot find any reference of this error anywhere. I've un-installed the app and re-installed it. I've deleted the index file and let the app rebuild the index. No change. When I do a manual backup, the above error displays just a minute or two after "Backing Up Drive C: - this may take awhile" (or words similar) displays, and then the app stops (but does not abend) without continuing to backup D: and E: drives.


Any other ideas? I'm feeling a bit vulnerable not having backups of my C: drive.



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