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AOL Organize Folder seems to be damaged during backup.


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Twice I have noticed that AOL's organize folder seems to have been affected by a Retrospect backup.


The log shows that the backup was about about 12:39 on October 13.


I observed that AOL's email history, located in the Organize folder, was gone several days later. AOL appears to have created a new AOL folder, but didn't copy any of the Organize files from the old folder.


The time stamp for the email history file was around the same time.


I am wondering if the open file backup somehow caused a condition where AOL 9 VR couldn't access the files in the organize folder, and then automatically created a folder and then migrated what data it could to this new folder. I know that AOL is usually running all the time. My guess is that if AOL is checking the integrity of its data files at the time open file backup is running, this might product a false error message which provokes a system repair.


Any experience or advice?





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