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Auto Exec unexpectedly term (possibly due to a power failure or system crash


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I've got scripts that are set to run in certain windows, for example 7pm to 9am with a 30 min wrap-up time. I noticed when I come in every morning and look retrospect has crashed with the dialog


Automatic Execution unexpectedly terminated (possibly due to a power failure or system crash)


So I set a script to run from 10am to 4pm (30 min wrap up time) and then came up to watch just before 4pm. I'm transferring some file backup sets to tape. Exactly at 4pm I could see retrospect shutting down the script ( I assume, because I could see the dos box pop up like it does when it executes the events in retroevent.bat) Then the program put up the Automatic Execution unexpectedly terminated.... dialog as if the system had crashed. This is absolutely repeatable. When any script reaches the end of it's alloted time range Retrospect acts as though it's crashed with a power failure or unexpected crash. Nothing gets written to the operator log either just like a real crash. I've reinstalled the program, deleted the old pref's file and recreated.


Any idea's how to fix this ?( other than allowing the scripts to run 24/7?


Windows XP SP2 1G ram

Retrospect 7.0.265

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The power outage popup is just the standard 'whoops' notification when the application crashes. Most annoying that... especially when it asks if you want to send off the bug log to EMC first!?


I haven't seen this before mainly because the only time limit I use is for proactive client backups which shutoff before the server scripts fire up. From memory you have a soft stop and then a 'hard stop' setting, but I think this may just be for Proactive...


Anyway, good luck!



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Tracked it down to a problem with RetroEventHandler.bat. This same batch file works fine on other systems but will frequently (but not always) crash my server. It pops up and down a lot of command windows before crashing. The very same file on another Retrospect server works fine. So it's something about this machine, I have no idea what. I took it out of the Retrospect folder and cobbled together another script to send me the backup log once a day. All is fine since.

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