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Recovery from a catastrophic failure


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The drive on my main Retrospect system failed! Luckily, I can still READ the information on the drive - I just can't boot from it.


So - I can copy my catalogs to another system, and have done that already. I also have some months worth of RDB files on an external hard drive, and although I have already copied most of the info I'd like directly from the main system, there are some files I'd like to get at on the external drive. But, this set of RDB files is not the complete set, its only a slice in time ending about 9/1 or so (that's OK - the files I want haven't been changed since then). The more current RDB files are elsewhere, and I have not yet investigated getting at them.


My question is - given the catalog files, and these RDB files, can I just install Retrospect 7.5 Professional on another system and restore the files I need? How would I go about that, assuming I can?





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