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Can I configure my drive for CD-R and DVD+RW simultaneously

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I started an archive to CD in 2002. When it became possible for me to write on DVD's I continued to archive to the same set, but reconfigured the drive so I could use DVDs. Now, when I restore from the archive I have to reconfigure the drive if the data I need is on the CDs.. The process is time consuming and costs me a few disks of each type to configure the drive.


Retrospect does ask if I want to use any other type of media, but when I take it up on the offer, hoping to add CD and DVD drivers to the list in the device status window, it just dumps the old driver and adds the new.

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You haven't provided enough information to help you. Let us know your version of Mac OS X, drive model and manufacturer, Retrospect version, Retrospect Driver Update version, model of Macintosh.


It may not be necessary to do a custom configuration if you use the right versions of RDU and if you have a supported drive.


It's also possible to do a custom configuration for multiple types of media, but you have to do it in one shot, not in separate settings. You would do better, if you have a supported drive, not to do custom configuration.


Finally, if you are simply trying to switch between one configuration and another, you could move the .rdi file (the configuration settings) in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect to some other place, and move back the one for a prior configuration.

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Sorry it's been a while responding. I've been rebuilding the index to my archive in order to get over the fact that it was pre v6, and therefore 'read-only'. I've located a missing disk and needed to update the set.


I tried switching .rdl files but Retrospect didn't seem to like that and for a while (and a couple of relaunches) it seemed as if there were no accessible devices at all. That was a bit scary.


The tip for custom configuration has worked though - I'm sure I tried the one shot approach a while ago without success but it has come good now and I can access all disk types without reconfiguring.


What a relief - thanks.

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