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Yip...this is an emergency alright. After restoring one of our servers (server 2003 SP2) from TWO different Retrospect backup sets, the system refuses to reboot. The error on the screen is as follows:


windows could not boot because of an error in the software. Please report this problem as:

load dlls for kernel

Please contact your support person to report this problem.


I'm the suppor person, and I have no clue as to why this has happend. I did some googling on this subject, and found the Veritas/Symantec had this same issue with BackupExec:




They, however, havea fix, as outlined above.


I am right now doing a repair install using the original Server 2003 media, but after this gets finished running, I'm sure that we'll still need to do some repair work.


I've never seen this with a Retrospect backup/restore, and we need to have this server back up by Monday morning!!! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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OK...we are working fine now. For future reference (and this was probably a DUH factor on my part):


1. We installed the Server 2003 OS and DID NOT update it to SP2.

2. We restored from the backup, which DID contain a Server 2003 OS SP2.


My guess is that Retrospect makes certain assumptions on specific system files, and when we tried to restore a pre-SP1 OS with a backup set that was SP2, certain DLLs got mixed that really shouldn't have. To solve the issue, we simply reinstalled the OS, updated it to SP2 (and installed any other updates that we have in our WSUS database), and THEN did the restore from Retro. Everything appears fine.


WHEW! crazy.gif

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It's covered in the manual that you have to have the same OS level on your computer as the backup that you are trying to restore onto your computer. Retrospect makes no assumptions at all; it just restores files. If you get things mixed up, well, ......



First of all, thanks for the really kind words of help.


Second of all, here's a quote from the manual on "Restoring a Windows Client", page 211:


"Step 5: Re-install Software:


Install new Windows operating system software on your newly-formatted hard disk. Restart from this volume. (If you are going to restore a dual-boot system that includes NT or 2000, install NT or 2000 and do the following steps from NT or 2000).


Step 6. Configure TCP/IP


Step 7. Install Client Software


Step 8. Prepare Client Database


Step 9. Restore Files"


Now, I may be slow, but there's nothing in there about bringing the system back up to the *EXACT* service pack version of the operating system that is contained in the backup set. Moreover, I HAVE been able to do restores in the past on Windows 2000 without having to update the 2000 client to the save service pack version as was on the backup set.


I think that you may be thinking of the MAC restoration instructions:


From Retrospect User's Guide under "Restoring a Mac OS Client", page 214:


"Step 5: Install System Software.


Install new Mac OS system software on the newly-formatted hard disk. You must install the SAME EXACT version number of Mac OS X as the version of the Mac OS X you will restore."


So unless my manual is out of date, there is NOTHING in there about the same service pack level on Windows clients; only Macs.


In any case, I'm happy that I got the client machine back up before the deadline.


Note to Robin: do you think that you can get the manual writers to update the instructions to reflect these procedures on restoring Windows clients?



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This one's for Robin:


I did find that when I tried to do a Disaster Recovery CD, the CD was PRE-SP1 and the backup set was SP2. The DR process still created the CD, and put together the instructions for recovery. Obviously, this did not work. The server started booting from the DR CD, and then blue screened, most likely due to the discrepency of pre-SP1 on the original install CD and the SP2 files in the backup set. I would like to request the following two items in a future release of Retrospect:


1. If the OS installer CD files are out-of-date with the OS version in the backup set (e.g., sp1 on the CD and sp2 on the backup set), it would be useful if Retrospect warned of the discrepancy.


2. Moreover, if the proper files were available, might it be possible to have Retrospect "slip-stream" the proper service pack files into the DR CD?



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