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Temp files after restore


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I tried to install one of those &*^$%$^$ Norton products again. I keep swearing I won't. Anyway - completely borked my machine. I tried to restore with the restore CD (Pro 7.09). I can't remember exact messages but when Retrospect ran it wanted to restore to two years ago when the CD was made. I answered the questions as best I could to tell it to get the current info from my backup drive. I pointed it to the drive and each of the retrospect foolders in turn and it simply did not seem to do anything. Could not get past that step. I could not exit Retrospect and do anything from the recovery CDs windows so I finally just reinstalled XP and then Retrospect.


That seemed to work. I now have almost no disk space left. Source seems to be temp directorys left behind. Searching here I have seen discussions about the drwinnt.tmp folders. I also have LOCALSERVICE.NT AUTHORITY and NETWORKSERVICE.NT AUTHORITY folders.


Is it safe to delete all of these folders?


Back to the PC again. These new directories do not have the same contents as the normal directories. I am trying to find out what is different. Sizes and number of files is different.

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