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Error -105 (Unexpected End of Data) Solution


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1. Try to repair the catalog file

a. Click Tools>Repair Catalog

b. Recreate from disks

c. All disks

d. Browse to the directory of the necessary 1-BackupSet folder and click OK

e. Tell it where to save the catalog file (usually C:\Retrospect Catalogs)

f. Overwrite existing file

2. If error -105 (unexpected end of data) comes up after the recatalog starts then your backup set is corrupted and you can continue with the steps below, otherwise you should be done. NOTE: The following steps involve removing all disk backups for that backup set.

a. Make sure no other scripts are running, if others are running let them finish

b. When the recatalog is the only script running open up Task Manager and kill the Retrospect process (if you kill it with other scripts running their catalogs will become corrupt and you will need to repair their catalogs)

c. Locate the backup set in Windows Explorer (usually D:\Retrospect)

d. Delete the folder for the corrupt backup set

e. Start Retrospect

f. Click Configure>Backup Sets

g. Select the backup set you just deleted and click Forget

h. Answer yes to any boxes that come up

i. Click Create New and recreate the backup set as it was before

i. Make sure you don’t set the “Use at most” to higher than 85%

ii. Keeping all backup sets at 85% or lower will keep at least 15% of the disk free and allow you to run Disk Defrag

j. Run Disk Defrag

k. After the defrag is complete, add the backup set back into the proper scripts

i. It’s a good idea not to add it back into any transfer to tape scripts before the first backup completes since the first backup after recreating the backup set can take significantly longer than usual

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