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Clients not found on network


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- Retrospect Backup Server 5.0.205 running on a B&W G3 with Mac OS X.1.4


- Clients running OS 9. All configured for TCP/IP. Some with static addresses and some dynamic.


- This setup has been running fine for a month. Suddenly no client can be seen on the network.


- I go to clients window and they are all listed as "Responding" with the icon in blue but when I click on the "Configure" tab, I am told the client can't be found on the network. This is applies to all clients.




What I've already done:


- I have successfully pinged the static-addressed computers which are connected to the same switch as the Retrospect server.


- I have used VNC to view the Retrospect Server from outside the firewall. (point being that that's one more way in which TCP/IP seems to be fine with regards to the Retrospect Server.


- It shouldn't be relevant with version 5 but I can see AppleTalk servers on the network from the Retrospect server so AppleTalk is fine.


- We have mail, database, and file services running smoothly through the network. (the mail and file servers are two of the ones which can't be seen)



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Resolution (for now at least) was achieved by turning off VNC. I suppose it doesn't surprise me that two actively networking applications might conflict. I don't understand why but it isn't worth the trouble to investigate. Dependable backup is much more important than being able to control it remotely.

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