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Backup and Restore errors


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I am running Retrospect 7.5.387 (Spanish) on Win2K Server and would like to know the origin of the following errors and if there is a way to avoid them (I have search forum and documentation with no result):


After backup, when running verification, the error "didn´t compare" for several *.jpg files


Archivo "$[1]D:\.....\0341_05-05-31_12.JPG$[2]": no comparar


When running a restoration I recive the following error codes:


- 1116

TVol::openAsNtDevice: CreateFile failed, F:\, winerr 51, error -1116 (is this related to access network volumes?)


- 1128

Archivo "$[1]\\...\0275_E.03.02_MARQUESINA_APARC_00.dwg$[2]": no se puede escribir, error -1128 (la ruta es demasiado larga) (how should I restore these files?)


- 1132

File "$[1]\\...\0275_G~1.DWG$[2]": cannot write, error -1132 (file creation error on destination volume)

is this due to special characters like "~"?


Any help will be apreciated

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