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Media fails to eject after upgrading to V. 6.1

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I have not changed any of the preferences and I compared them side by side to be sure.


Since upgrading, instead of ejecting the media and requesting a new DVD-RAM to continue the backup process, advise of needing new media only appears on the screen within the dialog box.


Is there a way in 6.1 to reset "something" so that if a new DVD-RAM is needed to continue, it will eject and await insertion of new media??


Thanks for your help in advance

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Perhaps you've got corrupted preferences, and need to trash them and reconfigure. There may be a bug, though; I don't use backup to DVD, only tape, and ejects back into our autoloader do happen correctly. You also don't say what version of 6.1 you have (there is 6.1.126 if you don't have ACLs on Intel with Mac OS 10.4.7, 10.4.8, or 10.4.10 - in which case you need the hacked version 6.1.131 of Retrospect that lets you disable ACL backup to work around the Apple bug with ACLs in 10.4.7, 10.4.8, and 10.4.10), and you don't say what Retrospect Driver Update ("RDU") you are using. If you don't have the current versions, then all bets are off. And you don't say what your preference settings are, only that you have "compared them side by side", and we don't have any information about your hardware configuration or your version of Mac OS X.


No way to help you without information about your configuration.


This is supposed to be handled by "Special > Preferences > Media Handling", Eject Media.



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Sorry for the minimal info.


I am running 10.4.10 on a G4 upgraded to 1.5Ghz processor.


The version of Retrospect is 6.1.126


I believe the driver version is


The "Media Handling" is set for "eject".


The only Preference settings that are checked are:


1) Media Handling as stated above.

2) "Maintenance"

3) "Quit Action"

4) "Run Control">"Confirm....execution"

5) "Notification"- BOTH choices

6) "Sounds"- BOTH choices

7) "OS X"

8) "Unattended"-"Quit and Notify for failure..."


I hope this adds some light.


Thanks for your help.


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