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Is there anything that can be done to speed up Retrospect?

James Kosalos

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I'm using a 300 GB Maxtor USB external disk and Retrospect HD. I have it set up to backup every night. I recently used Retrospect to recover several mistakely deleted directories and it worked great but it took almost 30 min each time I looked at the backup for a past date to see if the lost files were still there, and the CPU was occupied about 95%. WHAT IS GOING ON?


I have something like 1300 restore points. Can I delete the oldest and get the program to speed up? It just took 6 hrs to "recover disk space", again with the CPU going at 95% usage. Is it calculating the sine of integers from 1 to 10,000 between each disk seek operation? Does anyone know why the program is so slow? Is there a fix?

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