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Migrating 6.0.212 to mac Mini?

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I am thinking of buying a Mac Mini and using Migration Assistant to move Retrospect 6.0.212 (and everything else) from my MDD G4 (PPC) running OS 10.3.9. Does anyone know if this will work OK? I'm concerned that my version of Retrospect won't run on an intel mac.


Also, I'll need to re-configure the scripts I've been using for backing up my client Mac, since there won't be a partitioned HD to write my backups on the mac mini...is it as simple as editing the existing backup scripts?


Many thanks for any insight into this.

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Update to 6.1.126. Install, use your 6.0 serial number. It's a free update.

There's a section in the manual about moving Retrospect to another machine.

If you are going to turn on ACLs on the mini (not on by default, and takes a bit of Terminal trickery to do so), you will need to use the hacked Retrospect version that doesn't back up ACLs if you use 10.4.7, 10.4.8, or 10.4.10. Search the KnowledgeBase for:

Intel ACL



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Thank you very much! I've been looking up ACLs, but I don't think I use them.


I'm thinking it might be wisest to just upgrade my retrospect to the latest version instead of trying to use Migration Assistant...it seems that things can get messed up using it.


Again, I very much appreciate your help with this.

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Look at the user's guide about moving catalogs, scripts, etc., to a new machine. It's rather simple to install Retrospect (6.1.x) on the new machine, install the current Retrospect Driver Update ("RDU"), use your same registration/license number, mount the old computer in target disk mode, and move over the catalogs, scripts, etc. Of course, as you realize, you will have to edit the scripts for the new sources/destinations, etc.


The user's guide is here:

Retrospect Mac 6.x user's guide

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