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Daily Script Produces -1101 Error When Trying To Run


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I am currently evalutating the 30 day trial of Retrospect Professional (v 7.5.370) to see if it is a program that I want to use for myself as well as reccomending it to my clients. But I have a weird problem that has me stumped.


I went through the initial setup and created my backup set and ran a manual backup. Everything worked perfectly. I then clicked on the schedule button and setup a script to run it daily at 2:00am. Well, the next morning I see that the following error has occured:


Can't access Backup Set WWW Backup, error -1101 (file/directory not found)


The "source" folder and "destination" folder are both network drives. I can access the directory just fine and see my backup set. I even restored a couple of files from it to make sure and the restore worked great. So I decide to just try and run it manually and it works fine. It scans, compares, and only backs up the changed files for the day. So I deleted the script and re-set it up and it did the same thing the next day.


Basically, the script seems to work fine when I run it manually but errors out when trying to do it automatically.


I really like this program, but obviously I have to figure out what is causing this problem before I can justify buying it or recommending it.

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