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Error message when trying to back up.

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Just bought a new 320 gig firewire drive, since it appeared my old one had less room on it than my HD, and partitioned it into two 149+ gig partitions. When trying to use Retrospect to duplicate my HD, I get an error -116 (size check failed), and "scanning incomplete") after it has scanned a little over 200,000 folders. I know this happened with the old drive when I did not realize there was a size problem. Question is why am I having this probem now? Main HD is a 160 gig drive, with about 120 gigs of data. speechlessgrem1.gif

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I can try it, but I can't see how it would matter, since I was backing up to a 120 GB drive from a 160 GB drive all this time, and never ran into trouble until I wound up with more than 120 GBs of data on my source drive. In all reality, both drives have about the same amount of space available on a "get info" - about 148 or 149 GBs.

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