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Getting ready to reformat disk and restore


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Due to an error when building my system, the guy who did it made a mistake that needs to be corrected. The Windows XP computer has two 250 Gig disks in a Striped Raid Array configuration (shows 500Gig). He let the automatic configuration assign drive letters and unfortunately, the DVDs and All-In-One card reader grabbed the first few letters (C:, D:, E:, F:, G, H:) and my main hard drive is I:


So, we plan to reformat the disks and set them up in a Mirror Raid Config and make the primary drive the C: drive.


I have been making backups since February and I plan to reinstall all the user software from scratch and only plan to restore data files such as My Documents. My backup set is on a Maxtor 300 Gig USB external drive.


I have just executed a Tools/Verify Media and it tells me there are 0 errors in 135 Gig of data.


Is there anything I need to do before formating the drives to ensure I will be able to restore my data files? This is critically IMPORTANT. My wife's business depends on this data and my neck is also in the noose if anything goes wrong.


Also, is it possible to make an Install CD for the current version of Retrospect Professional (7.5.387)? In other words, how do I get Retrospect back on the newly formatted system. I don't think I ever received DVDs of this software.





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