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Slow backup of Client

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I recently installed a new iMac and it is taking forever to backup -- 7+ hours for a 2.2 gig backup. When I check the iMac, it looks as though it isn't responding (the screen save icon does not move). When I awaken the computer, I get the Restart/Shut Down dialog box. When I click on Restart or Shut Down, the iMac responds VERY slowly. I have set the Energy Saver control panel to never put the system to sleep and to never spin down the hard drive. I have forgotten the computer and then reinstalled it in Retrospect.




Retrospect runs fine (backups at 30-40 Megs/min) on other iMacs with the exact same installation.




Retrospect Backup server


Retrospect 4.3


Running on a G4 450 mHz dual processor tower


Mac OS 9.0.4




Problem iMac


Retrospect TCP/IP Client


OS 9.2.2


Backup speed 6 Megs/min


User Shuts down computer at night and leaves it at the Restart/Shut Down dialog box.




Any suggestions?

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The first step is to isolate the problem: is the bottleneck on the network or on the workstation itself? The best way to make this determination is to use a crossover cable directly between the server and the client. Run the backup - is it still slow? If so, the problem is coming from the client. If not, the problem is coming from the network segment.




If you determine the problem to be with the workstation, try some of the following troubleshooting:




-Run disk diagnostics with Disk First Aid, Norton/ TechTools, Drive Setup's "Test" function


-Leave the computer booted with base extensions, plus the Retropect client


-Check the TCP/IP control panel options - make sure Load Only When Needed is unchecked


-Try the backup from another backup computer


-Clean install the system

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