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Hard disk formatting causes "Please select the Backup Set member:"


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I have an E: disk dedicated to Retrospect V7.5 Pro and it contains a Retrospect directory and under that an RWS8 directory and a Dantz file and under the RWS8 directory is an 1-RWS8 directory. Also at the bottom level there are 401 AAnnnnnnn.RDB and an rdb_del.log file.


I copied all these file to another disk (D:) and then formatted the E: disk with Windows format. I next copied back all the files and directories from D:\ to E:\. So the net-net is that I did not change any of the file structures. So, it was E:\Retrospect\*.* to D:\Retrospect\*.*, Format E:\ and then D:\Retrospect\*.* back to E:\Retrospect\*.*.


Now when I try to perform a backup to RWS8 I get a message asking me to "Please select the Backup Set member: Name: 1-RWS8 on E-DISK. I don't seem to be able to choose the directory with the GUI.


I also re-built the Catalog, but that did not help.


Question: What's wrong? The disk is "identical" to what it was before, other than having been formatted?


One possible answer: When the disk is formatted is is given a new Serial Number XXXX-XXXX by Windows. Does this matter?


What do I need to do to make Retrospect happy?





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Further info:


Originally I tried to do a "Repair Catalog." Although it came back without an error message it did not solve the problem. Upon further research I found I needed to do a "Rebuild Catalog from Disk." That did the trick.


So, I am out of the water now, but still the question remains: What went wrong?





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