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Disastor Recovery CD-R disc image too big


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I made a complete backup of my C drive and then I tried to make a recovery cd.


When I ran the Disaster Recovery tool with my Microsoft Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 CD, I got a message that said:

"The Windows installation software you have chosen would cause the final Disaster Recovery CD-R disc image to be over 650 MB which can not be burned by most applications.


Continue anyway or try again with different Windows installation software?"


The time I tried "Continue" it made a file that was over 1000MB and couldn't be burned on a CD-R.

My computer won't boot from a DVD.


The Windows installation disk I used came from Microsoft, how would I get different Windows installation software?


Is there some kind of multi-disk solution, where I put in disk 1, disk 2 etc?


Am I doing somthing wrong? I can't be the first person who wanted to make a recovery disk for Windows XP


How do I get around this problem.

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