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Case-Sensitivity with NTFS

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We have a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2 box that is acting as an NFS server for several Linux workstations. The RAID array serving NFS is backed up with Retrospect Server 7.5. We're preparing to do a reformat/restore operation on the RAID array and so I was creating a secondary backup on an external hard drive using the "Duplicate" function. I noticed many of the following errors in the log file:


File "...": cannot write, error -1132 (file creation error on destination volume)


I tracked this down to a problem with case-sensitivity, which NTFS/NFS supports but it appears that Retrospect does not. I checked the backup sets for that drive and found cases where there were two files in the same directory, say "foo" (425KB) and "FOO" (146KB), on the disk but in the backup set lists two identical files, "FOO" (146KB) and "FOO" (146KB). Is there any way to get Retrospect to backup and restore those files correctly, or am I out of luck?

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