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Is it possible to backup linux files from one computer to another pc that uses only windows?

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Hi. I have installed Retrospect client software for Linux on a particular PC. I have a different PC that backs up a number of other PCs that all use Windows XP. Is there any way I can get this (my main PC) to recognize the retrospect software on the Linux one so that I can backup linux files on a machine that runs Windows?


The linux PC dual boots so Windows XP is also on it. I have backed up certain Windows files onto my main PC. Will retrospect be able to backup both the windows files and the linux files from the same PC?


Any help is appreciated!

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The short answer is "Yes".


In my environment I run a Linux server with the Retrospect client running on it, and I use Retrospect to take a daily backup of certain key directories and it works like a charm. Just make sure you have the appropriate client code for your Linux distro and that the firewall is allowing port 497.


In order to backup both Windows and Linux from the same PC, you'd need to do one of two things. Option 1 would be to install the Retrospect client in both the Linux and Windows environments and run your backups when those environments are up. That's messy from a couple perspectives - first, I believe it would require an additional backup license since each of the opsys would count as a unique client. Second you'd have a tough time scheduling backups since you'd have to boot into the different opsys's to run them.


Option 2 would be to mount the filesystems of one opsys under the other one (e.g. mount the Windows drives under Linux) and backup through the single client. You would just need to bear in mind that in a restore situation you'd have to locate the file through that mount (i.e. you'd possibly be looking for something like /mnt/winxp/cdrive/windows/explorer.exe, not c:\windows\explorer.exe).

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We checked our firewall and we are allowing port 497. The problem is that we aren't sure which client code to run. We have Redhat Linux WS3 (Taroon) and have downloaded different client software from the EMC retrospect site. After loading it, it claims that it was done successfully and its running, but our other Windows PC (the backup server) doesn't find the PC with the IP address that we specified. Any suggestions for which client code to run or what to do after we download it?


Thanks again for all of your help we really appreciate it very much and look forward to your future response.



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