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Catalog Rebuild from DVD

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My StorageSet is corrupted. I thought I had this covered because I backup the StorageSets. However, I backed up the damaged StorageSet.


I have 252 DVDs associated with this StorageSet. At 15 minutes per DVD, it will take 63 hours to rebuild this StorageSet. That's assuming that I sit here for 63 hours straight feeding my computer DVDs. Which is unlikely. If I devote an hour a day, it will take me 2 months to rebuild this. What happens if my computer needs to be restarted during this process? Will the rebuild startup at the last disc? Or will I have to go back to disc 1?


Isn't there a way to get data off the last backup DVD(#252)? The undamaged StorageSet is on there. I think it's ridiculous that the only way to rebuild is to feed 252 DVDs into my machine.


Anybody have a method for extracting data off just the last DVD in the sequence?



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> I think it's ridiculous that the only way to rebuild is to feed 252 DVDs into my machine


Good backup and recovery strategy needs to account for different situations, weighing time/value of the administrator and the data.


Maintaining a 252 Member Optical Backup Set might make sense in some situations, when recovrey time is not critical. But keeping copies of your Catalog files on the same physical Media as the data you're safeguarding is not wise; the whole _point_ of having backup Catalog copies is to safeguard against the very thing you've run into!


Twickland's suggestion should work. Note that you'll have to Forget the newly created partial Backup Set before you can take advantage of the one you Recover from the DVD.

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Tried the Configure>>>> thing you mentioned. When I get to Members after selecting my damaged StorageSet it says "There are no members to display". Am I doing something wrong?


I left the house this morning leaving disc #1 in to start the recatalog process. 15 hours later, it was NOT done. There has GOT to be a better way to get this data. I'm really disgusted with Retrospect at the moment.



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