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Waiting for backup drive spin-up

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I use Retrospect for backups onto a pair of external LaCie 1TB disks configured (by the Mac OS Disk Utility) as a concatenated 2TB disk set. I sometimes get the error message "Can't access catalog for backup set Raid1 BU on Raid2T, error -43 (file/folder not found)" even though the drives are connected, powered up and visible to the Finder. The problem seems to be that the drives go to "sleep" and are not immediately ready when Retrospect looks for the catalog file. Any ideas how to work around this problem? Maybe Retrospect could have a time delay so the drives have time to wake up before it aborts?

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Try setting the drives not to go to sleep. Another possibility is to use the Retrospect Event Handler, put in a "trigger script" to watch for the specific backup script that backs up these drives, and then put a few lines of Applescript in there to access the drives and wait a bit. Your problem is not a Retrospect problem - your drives aren't available when they are needed.



Maybe Retrospect could have a time delay so the drives have time to wake up before it aborts?


Dream on, but you might try putting in a "feature request" in the "Product Suggestions" forum, along with the suggestions that others have been putting in for a few years without action. The link is here:



No features/enhancements have been added to Retrospect in years. The product seems to have been abandoned. The only announced future update is some unspecified time after the release of Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) in October, for compatibility with Leopard. No changes/enhancements to the program have been announced. I'd be happy if the bugs were addressed first.



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