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Retrospect don't remember anymore!

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I'm working with Mac. In Ethernet network we have one older Mac (PowerMac with OS 9.1) and there is Retrospect version 4.3. This backup all the other macines in network (2x G5, OS 10.x). The media is the DAT-recorder. Now the Retropspect register will no longer remember what I have recorded earlier. I mean, if I have recorded up something example on April this year, the program will record the same files again. What is fault? Retrospect remember the files, which I have recorded yesterday. But after some day this summer it have not work anymore proberly.

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Perhaps is that date related to the change in Daylight Savings Time? You are running Retrospect 4.3, which, I believe, will always back up all files once after the Daylight Savings Time change because it thinks that the time of the files has changed. You will see the same thing again in October, when Daylight Savings Time changes again.


You might consider upgrading your copy of Retrospect. The one you have hasn't been sold in over three years or so, and it isn't appropriate for backing up the OS X systems on your network.



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