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Retrospect Express HD ver 2.0.144 Restore hangs all 4 cpus on Intel Quad


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I've been making auto daily backups for six months of my C: and D: and E: drives to my F: drive. I've tried restores of several files when I've accidentally deleted or corrupted something, but never had to do a major restore.


Last Friday my PC's motherboard died a fatal death, and I've had to rebuild my PC with a new ASUS mobo and Intel Q6600 quad cpu and new memory.


When I went to restore "My Documents" (or any other file(s)) to my C: drive (or my Desktop) from my backup F: drive with over 600 daily backups,... in the "Restoring,... Preparing for Restore,... Calculating time for restore,..." window, Express HD hangs, and pushes all four cores of my Intel Quad to 100%. And nothing else happens. I've left it for hours, in the hopes it was actually calculating something, but it wasn't.


Any ideas? I don't see any updates/patches in the support area.





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