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Script with "Exclude label"

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Using a backup script with the "exclude label is red" and "enclosing folder label is red" and I've noticed that Retrospect scans the entire "red" folder, but does not back it up. Because this "red" folder holds over 500GB of stuff that I don't want backed up, I also don't want Retrospect to waste time scanning the entire folder before excluding it. Each night Retrospect spends several hours scanning this "red" folder. Any ideas on how to get Retrospect to totally ignore this "red" folder?

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That's the way it works.


Only way to eliminate the scanning is to not have the files in the source, such as to back up subvolumes, etc., that don't have the stuff you want to overlook.


But, the way Retrospect works is to recurse the source's filesystem, looking at every file, and evaluating the selectors. That's the way it works.



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