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Duplication Results in Different Sized Hard Drives

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Mac OS 10.4.9

PM G4 1.5 Gigs RMM

Retrospect 6.1.126 w/latest driver update.


Duplicating between two hard drives that are formated Extended (no-journaling, etc.)


When I run complete duplication between my start up drive and backup, I noticed that the hard drive sizes are very different:


Startup drive: 100.1 GB

Backup Drive: 95.02 GB


The log only reports a couple of errors of small logs that did not duplicate...most of the time the total error file size is under 100KB.


I have the default duplication items set: to include everything and exclude nothing,


Everything seems to be there with my backup drive and it boots fine. I can not figure out where the 5GB difference is.

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Well, for one, the startup drive will have your virtual memory store that the OS is using to page. Another, there are temp files that aren't duplicated. Etc., etc.


If you want a second opinion, try SuperDuper! (freeware) to duplicate the startup drive. Candidly, for duplicates, I think that is a better option. But it can't do backups (duplicates are not backups).



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