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Retrospect not compatible with new MacBookPro

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I've been using Retrospect for about 6 years. Initally on an old PC, then on an iBook G4. This week I changed to a new 2.4GHz MacBookPro.


On my new machine, I get an "Incompatible" error when I try and back up to DVD-R.


It seems to work okay with CD-R, but that's not practical given the gigabytes of data I need to keep backed-up. I don't have any other types of media to hand to try it with.


I'm running Retrospect 6.1.126 with driver update on OS X Ver 10.4.10 on a 2.4GHz MacBookPro with 2Gb of RAM. System profiler reports my optical drive as a MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857E.


Normally it burns to DVD-R perfectly well (using either Toast or OS X).


Am I right, therefore, in assuming that Retrospect just doesn't support my drive... yet? How long until it is supported? And what can I do in the meantime?


Thanks & regards


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The UJ-857E doesn't seem to be in the list of supported devices:

Retrospect supported devices


It also doesn't appear in the list of devices added by recent RDUs:

RDU version history


Oddly, the UJ-857D (Apple version) does appear to be supported as of RDU, but it is not in the database of supported devices. Only the UJ-857 (with no suffix) appears in the database of supported devices.


Support for new DVD devices seems to take almost a year to appear, if ever.



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I think there's a possibility that either the Retrospect listings are incomplete, or that the specifications of the devices that have been added are wrong. As an example, I have a Pioneer DVR-112 - this is not listed as being compatible (the DVR-112D is), but Retrospect apparently uses the drive without a problem (prior to I'd been using a custom .rdi file).


The difference between these two devices is that the "D" model does not support DVD-RAM writing, where the model I have does - though I don't have any media to test Retrospect with DVD-RAM disks.


So, it's possible that the drive you have may work with Retrospect with different media - try it with DVD+R?

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Yes... DVD+R worth a try...


Just trying it now, and it's working! Thanks Clive, good thinking.


Okay so it would be nice if it worked with DVD-R, because that's what I prefer... but frankly this is a perfectly acceptable workaround.


The backup is running now. It'll be a while 'till it's complete. but I'll post back when I've tested it and 100% sure that it works.


Many thanks!


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