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update, rebuild or repair?

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recently our mac os x server was hacked (via an open port) and the planted software proceeded to delete most of our harddrive including our retrospect backup set catalogs.


We have since rebuilt our server and I am now setting up retrospect.


I have an old backup of one backup set catalog which is approx 3 weeks old. This storage set contains 13 tapes. If I rebuild the backup set from the tapes this will take ages. I have tried this option but at tape 4 retrospect decided to stop responding.


I have also tried "update existing catalog file". I assume this compares the contents of the last tape in the set with the backup set catalog and appends files to the catalog, I tried it and although it scanned the tape it did not update the catalog?


Update, rebuild or repair ... what is the best and simplest way to get my catalog file updated?


any assistance would be most appreciated




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