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qualified DVD devices?

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I haven't been able to get my AOpen DVD device to work with Retrospect Pro. I checked the list of supported DVD devices but I can't seem to find any that are available commercially. I've tried CompUSA, Outpost.com, Frys, Costco, Newegg, the list goes on and I'm reticent to purchase another device if it isn't guaranteed to work with Retrospect.


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By a new/used drive on ebay. Select from the compatible list.


Here is my story. Desparate for a DVD backup for my personal workstation, I resorted to a used Plextor 716A which I bought on ebay. It's on the list. It works like a charm.


I had tried to use the HP dvd740 burner, but kept getting device error messages (-100 device rejected, -206 device reported dirty heads, bad media, etc.). I gave up and picked up a device known to be compatible.


I know qualifying low end devices is not a priority/moneymaker for emc. However, I wish emc would try a little harder to keep at least a small set of current, up-to-date drives on the list. The compatibility list is old and moldy, the result of perhaps a one-time effort which has not been kept up.


I used to work for a couple of very large computer companies which OEM'd their tape backup drives. I was responsible for integration and support of custom backup solutions to include large tape libraries. I've always practiced what I preached, backups at home are de-rigeur. But I've always had problems at home, between the hardware, software and media.



I love the Retrospect product - the feature set for the single-user is second to none, and I've used dozens of different packages and seen most of them come and go. They all gave me problems, there was never a "fire and forget" paradigm.

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