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Need to re-install Windows XP - help needed on Backup/Restore


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Following a recent problem that was caused by missing/corrupt WMI files, I ended up running a repair re-install of Windows XP. Whilst this resolved that particular issue, it introduced others that are now causing Microsoft Windows updates to fail. I contacted Microsoft support, but none of the workaround solutions they suggested have worked, and all they can advise now is that I need to start again from scratch, reformat the HD and effect a clean re-install of Windows XP.


I have a Maxtor One-Touch 120GB external HD running Retropect 6.0. I have a full backup of the HD, and a duplicate only of all the Owner's folders (there is not enough room for those belonging to the other User Accounts). As I understand it, the normal backup contains not only all of the User Accounts' data and settings, but the entire Operating System as well. The problem I have, therefore, is that if I simply do a normal restore once I have re-installed XP, it will overwrite the "clean" OS files with corrupt ones again, so I will end up back at square one.


What is the solution? Is it possible either to create a backup that excludes the operating system, or perform a restore likewise which doesn't affect the OS files?


Any advice gratefully received.

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I think I've found it! When setting the backup parameters, if I select "All Files" then untick the Windows folder after clicking on Preview, that should back up everything except the OS files. When I do the restore, the clean XP reinstall should then remain untouched.


Does this seem the right way to go?

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