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Retrospect 7.5 freezes / hangs from time to time.


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Does anyone know of any confilicts Retrospect 7.5 might have with the hardware or other software I am running. Most of my problems involve connecting to another PC running as a client but the software has been flakey other times too. I have managed to back up the PC the software is installed on and I have retrieved a couple of files but not done a full recover.


I am running (latest version ) Retrospect 7.5 on a Windows XP (32 bit version, fully up to date) running on an AMD64 x2 processor on an Asus M2N32-SLI deluxe motherboard. Some of the motherboards extra features are dissabled.


I run Zone Alarm (with ports 497 open) but I have tried turning this off on both PCs. I also have a Logitech webcam (which has caused problems with other programs in the past), but I have tried to kill any process due to this. I might try uninstalling it and trying again.


All connections are wired


Retrospect shows an egg timer but nothing ever happens. The processor time is negligable as is the network usage.


Anyone had similar problems or got any ideas.

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