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Imcomplete backups of clients

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I have 3 brand-new Macs and the latest version of Retrospect installed. When I run a backup, the 2 client Macs only get some portion of their drives backed up. For example, one client shows 140,000 files and about 12 GB being backed up, but there are about 450,000 files and 26 GB actually on the machine.


I have "all files" selected for the backup and if I run a scan of the volume from Retrospect, it shows the correct number of files. It just doesn't back up the same number of files as the scan indicates that it should.

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Things may be working as intended.


Retrospect's default "incremental plus" backup scheme backs up only one copy of each identical file no matter where it resides. For example, application and system files will be backed up from the first volume in the backup schedule, but if the identical versions (name, size, creation date, modification date, etc.) of these files reside on a subsequently-backed up volume, they will be skipped (their presence will be noted in the snapshot of the volume so they can be restored as needed). Retrospect does this to save space in the backup set.


If you want to back up each entire volume's files, including duplicates of files that are on other volumes, you should select the option "Match only same location" in your backup script.

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