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Difficulty adding a client


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How long should it take to add a client? I click add and then I get the hourglass for 30mins so far.


I have Retrospect 7.5 Professional installed on an XP computer. It seems to work okay. I am now trying to back up another Windows XP machine. When I search for the client I see the name and then I click on it and 'Add' I see an hourglass and then nothing happens. If I kill retrospect the client has been added when I restart it, but it has the reserved problem. If I restart the service on the client PC I loose am still not able to click on the client.


I have uninstalled Retrospect and reinstalled the latest version and too with the client.


Both machines have zone alarm installed but I have recently been trying with this turned off on both machines.


Windows Firewall/ IC sharing service is dissabled on both PCs.


When I click Add on the Backup Clients Database I get 'Live Network' and then a list of Clients by Piton Name Service. There is one computer listed and this is a name I typed in the first time I tried to add the client (it had defaulted to the PC name).


If I type the wrong password it tells me this is wrong and asks me to try again.


When I enter the correct password. Retrospect seem to freeze.


If prior to clicking the final Add I open the log viewer when I click Add it does say client 'Sarah' added.


I am very new to this and would like any advice offered.



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