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Restore from incremental backup


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Hi everyone.


I hope someone will read it and answer..

I got Retrospect Express 7.5 ( retail version ) and I have been backing up my data since beginning of this year. Thanks God I never had to restore anything.. Well.. until recently


When I tried to roll back to a system structure as it was a few days ago ( with the incremental backups ) the system "restored" but it left tons of empty references. For example start menus pointed to blank folders, startup folders where still trahsed with stuff I didn't have on that day I backed up the computer..


Doesn't the retrospect DELETE files that weren't suppose to be there and replace the one that has been changed ? It doens't seem to delete everything. Why ??

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16 people viewed it so far and no one has ever experienced it? Am I missing something in the software options that makes me look like a noob ? ( I guess I am on this forum )..


sorry if it does. I started to use Acronis, but I hate it. I want to go back to Retrospect, but I don't feel like it is giving the comptuer the protection that I need.


help.. ?

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