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Suggestions for an Incremental & Recycle Backup Build

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Suggestions How to Build a Backup to Do This…


* Mac OS 10.4.10, dual G5 w/ attached FW800 RAIDed drive.

* Retrospect for Mac 6.1.126 w/ Driver update

* Backing up local Mac, remote (WiFi) PowerBook and remote PC (Ethernet).


I was wondering if anyone could suggest how to build the following…


1.) Daily incremental backup of specific folders (home directories) on clients.

2.) Once a month Recycle that backup and start fresh.


Essentially I have this happening now, but the only way I could figure how to do it was to make my incremental daily backup not occur every Thursday so I could then make a recycle backup happen on a Thursday late in the month. I’d _like_ to have those empty Thursdays be incremental backups, but I can’t figure out how to do that without ‘stepping on’ my recycle backup.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


cp root

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Schedule the Recycle backup to happen at the same time as the Normal on the recurring date that you'd like. The Recycle will take precedence.



Normal backup every day at 10pm to Backup Set A

Recycle backup every month on the last Thursday at 10pm to Backup Set A


The Recycle backup will run on that Thursday rather then the Normal. The time and the destination must be the same.

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