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Logged-In Used not assigned backup rights

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I've tried to find something similar, but couldn't, so I'll try a note. I have 6.5 Professional which I use to backup my Laptop to an external hard drive. It worked fine with my previous laptop and Windows XP. I bought a new laptop with Vista and when I try and run it, for some reason it thinks I do not have Administrator priviledges. It gives me a little warning and then a box, "The logged-in user "ShowReady" (my account) is not assigned backup rights for the NFTS volume Brian(C:). I've gone into the "C" properites and given full control to the four groups, including Adminstrators (ShowReady\Administrators) and Users (ShowReady\Users).


I should note that C is the laptop and D is the external hard drive.


Anybody have an idea where or what 6.5 is looking at and thinking I do not have Privs?



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