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Newly installed SQLExpress is not backed up - no suitable licence available


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I am running 7.5 and have been a user since 6.0. I have recently installed an application that uses (and installed) MS SQLExpress. However Retrospect says that it needs a licence to back up the SQL Express database (presumably the SQL addon) however there is no SQL addon listed for Professional and to upgrade to Server version is complete over kill for 1 machine.


Will EMC bring out an addon to Professional to allow SQLExpress (not full blown SQL) to be backed up? Are there any known work-arounds to back up the contents of the SQLExpress database?


With thanks

N Fuller

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Hi Nicholas -


There are no plans at this time to add SQL add-on support to the Professional Edition.


If you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000 with Retrospect Professional the SQL databases will be backed up when the Open File option is enabled (by default) in your backup scripts.



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